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Space Infrastructure

Advanced capabilities that connect Earth and space

Expanding our reach

Increasing demands for 24/7 global connectivity, enhanced national security and advanced space exploration are driving commercial innovation. Maxar Space Infrastructure capabilities continue to turn visions into missions, redefining what’s possible.

More than 60 years of mission success

With more than 60 years of experience, Maxar remains a trusted partner for government and commercial missions.

Space exploration

From world-class satellites and spacecraft systems to nimble robotics and innovative payloads, we develop the infrastructure and technology that power humanity’s reach beyond Earth.

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Maxar offers the advanced capabilities to help you connect what matters—whether that means manufacturing satellites to power global high-speed internet, providing real-time direct satellite access, or enabling craft-to-craft communication within space.

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Space is within reach

We design, build, integrate and test solutions for space-based communications, Earth observation, exploration, and on-orbit servicing and assembly. Our broad spectrum of services includes mission systems engineering, product design, spacecraft manufacturing, assembly integration and testing.

Spacecraft platforms

We provide advanced, reliable, and affordable spacecraft for a broad range of civil, defense, and intelligence missions. To date, more than 280 Maxar-built satellites have served for over 2,200 cumulative on-orbit years.

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Robotics & Servicing

Maxar has been driving the development and deployment of technologies for robotic operations for more than two decades.

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From vision to mission accomplished

Explore the innovative missions we support across Earth, the moon and Mars with interactive models, galleries and more.

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