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3D Data Suite

Add dimension to your view of Earth

See your world in 3D

Access the dataset you need for real-world calculations. Our 3D and elevation models enable you to measure and analyze your projects in 3D for a more complete picture of the situations that matter to your organization.

Dimension matters

Intelligence analysis

Tie observations to each other and the real world with topological insight to better understand the area you are evaluating.

Digital simulation

Train with and utilize immersive geospecific representations of reality.


Correlate datasets with a consistent and accurate global reference template.

UAV operations

Plan and simulate UAV flight paths to gain insight on terrain and surroundings.

Planning and resource management

Measure and calculate slope, aspect, volume and flood fill levels to plan for, prepare for and prevent disasters like landslides and floods or manage volumes of timber or earthen materials.


Calculate signal propagation and determine line of sight for network optimization and microwave backhaul.

Superior accuracy & global coverage for decision support

3D Surface Model

Our most accurate representation of Earth. A 3D TIN model with textures on all sides. Available in Vricon format, Esri i3S or Cesium 3D Tiles. Other formats are available on request.

Digital Surface Model

An accurate global digital surface model – high-resolution elevation data representing every single point on Earth. DSM’s absolute accuracy of 3 meters in all dimensions is achieved without ground control points and is consistent on all surfaces and terrain types.

Digital Terrain Model

An accurate, high-resolution bare earth elevation data layer produced by industry-leading automated 3D modeling technology. DTM is generated from fully automated processing, providing delivery speeds far beyond traditional technologies.

3D Vectors

Lifelike vector representations of 3D buildings, 3D vegetation and 3D transportation infrastructure—e.g., roads and paved surfaces—with coverage in dense urban, suburban and rural areas for wide-area planning.

Point Cloud

A photogrammetrically derived RGB colorized point cloud product produced using our unique 3D technology, available today with global coverage regardless of terrain type.

True Ortho

An accurate, seamless 2D image mosaic that represents a true nadir rendering of every single point on Earth. With its exceptional accuracy, it is ideal for high-definition mapping and AI-driven feature extraction, requiring less training data.

Elevate your project

See the difference the highest-quality elevation models can make for your project.

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