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About us

Maxar serves the most discriminating and innovative customers on the planet. We deliver breakthrough technology and insights to unlock infinite possibilities for a better world.


At every opportunity we seek to harness our capabilities for a better world. This not only means improving our own technological processes and outputs but connecting visionaries—big and small—with the information, infrastructure and services they need to succeed.

Monitoring air pollution by the hour

Helping NASA and partners measure tropospheric emissions from space.

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Ending slavery with satellite imagery

Capturing indisputable evidence of human trafficking at sea.

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Maxar 2019 Impact Report

Supporting people, organizations and initiatives at local and global scale.

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We deliver on this purpose by living six important values:

We put the mission first

Everything we do is to exceed the expectations and support the ambitions of our customers.

We work better together

We are an organization that values collaboration and diversity to create a better future.

We stay curious

We never stop working to discover the answers to the questions of tomorrow and to solve the most difficult problems.

We act like owners

We know that results matter, and we continually find new ways to grow, improve and deliver sustainable value.

We do it right

We operate with integrity. No shortcuts. We honor our commitments to our customers, our partners and our employees.

You matter

Our strength is our people. Each team member makes a unique contribution to our collective mission. We recognize and appreciate their commitment—every day bringing their best to work, living our values and fulfilling our purpose.


Grounded in our values, the Maxar leadership team is committed to serving our customers and communities all over the globe and brings together industry leading experience to accelerate our innovation forward.

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Making history

Explore the pivotal milestones that have helped us make so many customer missions and applications possible.

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Maxar proudly delivers on the promise of truth and transparency from space. We own and operate the world’s most sophisticated constellation of Earth imaging satellites. With four active satellites on orbit, we collect more than 3 million square kilometers of imagery each day to provide customers with a current view of our changing planet.

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Our global reach

How many employees?

4,000 employees in more than 20 locations

How many countries?

Customers in more than 70 countries

How much imagery?

Collecting more than 3 million sq km of high-resolution imagery of Earth per day